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Anonymous said: can the cases of wine be mixed

All the wine in one batch needs to be the same kind of wine or beer.  Thanks


Anonymous said: do you sell printable gift certificates online?

We do not sell printable online certificates, but you can stop down the store or call with a credit card and we will mail it to you free of charge

Wine Tasting & Bottling Gala at Cork & Brew!

Stay cool indoors while sipping & tasting a variety of homemade wines. Unlimited tastings

Everyone gets a Cork & Brew stem less wine glass to taste with & to keep.

In addition to all of this, each person gets to bottle, cork, label & bring home a bottle of wine.

Pizza, Cheese & fruit plates will be available to purchase at a reasonable price. ...

Raffle prizes.

$25 tickets in advance

$30 tickets at the door

Place: Cork & Brew Banquet Facility, 26 N. Main St, Southington, CT

Date: August 2, 2013 from 5:30 - 9pm

Purchase tickets by calling Cork & Brew at 860-863-5655 to reserve your spot. Or you can pay at the door. Cash, check or credit cards are accepted.

Anonymous said: Where's the beer list?

Go to  Beer & Wine Making page.  Scroll down & you will see a link to the PDF that has the beer & wine making prices.  Beer in on the 2nd page.  If you have additional questions, please contact us at 860-863-5655.  Thank

Anonymous said: how much does a beer brewing kit cost?

Around $93.  That included everything you need except the bottles & beer ingredients. You don’t have to purchase that equipment again for 10+ years.

Anonymous said: do you sell isinglass sheets

I believe that is to clear beer or wine correct?  If so, yes we do sell that.

Anonymous said: Would like to get a gift certificate for a wine making class for two people what is the price

The prices ranges from $225 - @ $250 depending on the wine you choose.  Some people purchase the entire amount or a portion towards the wine making/class.  That includes 30 bottles of wine, bottles, labels, bottling party, etc.  Again, depending on what wine is chosen.  We can take a credit card over the phone and mail the gift card or you can stop in the shop.  Thanks


Cork & Brew - 860-863-5655

Anonymous said: Can the wine be made by the bottle or do you have to do it by the case???

The wine is produced in batches of 30 bottles per batch.  You can split that with as many people as you want.  Thanks

Anonymous said: I would like to try out the winemaking. Is there time to make a batch to give out for Christmas gifts? I am retired, so I could come pretty much any time.What is the actual time committment?

It takes 8-10 weeks for the wine to ferment, so I don’t think there is time for Christmas gifts.  Sorry. You can give them out for New Year’s gifts??  It’s nice to have for any occasion.  If you are interested in setting up an appointment, call us at 860-863-5655.  Thanks

Anonymous said: would you have a wine juice brand and price list that can be emailed to me

Yes, is this what you are looking for?